At Paris d'Exil we fight for equal rights, freedom of movement and residence, an inconditionnal and decent welcome ; we fight against policies of rejection, Dublin Regulation, anti-immigration laws, retention centers, expulsions... ; we give advice and help exiled people in their steps.


By becoming a member I agree with the fights leaded by the association, for an unconditionnal and dignified welcome for every exiled person, without any distinction of legal or political status ; for the enforcement of French and international law and rights, in order to evolve them in the long-term ; for equals rights and freedom of movement and residence.


I accept some rules of collective functionning : any public and/or mediatic speaking, collect, event organization on behalf of the association, partnership, or any other commitment on behalf of Paris d'Exil, must be the subject of a prior collegial decision.

I agree to having read and accepted communication and membership charters, available in the appendix of the annual activity report

You are also invited to our weekly cafe, on saturdays at place de la République, where we can present to you the associations actions on the field and on advocacy pleas, and discuss with you what you want to do. (Check on Facebook for updates on the meeting).