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 Support us while searching internet

  You can now support Paris d'Exil using the search engine Lilo ! 

To see what's it about and support us earning “gouttes“ (drops) :

1-Go to to use the search engine Lilo.

2-Accumulate at least 50 gouttes (drops).

3-Go to and give at least 50 “gouttes“ the first time you give us your “gouttes“ (next time give as much as you like).

Paris d'Exil always need financial and human ressources, to support exiled people we accompany. The donations are used for :

-juridic and administrative fees (lawyers, tax stamp for passports…)

-transportation and phone/internet costs, to enable people access to informations, their rendez-vous, online courses, keep touch with their families etc...

-Exceptionnal costs linked with Covid-19 pandemic, confinement and deconfinement, with urgent food aid and staple goods

We also use a limited part of our financial ressources for campaigning and activism costs (printing posters and flyers, website maintenance, et de tracts, hébergement du site internet, banner equipment…). For a more detailed use of our donations, read our annual report 2018-19

 Thank you so much for your support !